Saturday, October 23, 2010


Even though all things in your life are fine
Sometimes you can still feel those lonely nights
Even though you are happy with what you now have
Sometimes you can still feel some emptiness inside.

There are moments in your life you cannot understand
There are slight times you may feel empty and sad
There are nights seems life is so tough to handle
But only to find out, it’s a sudden thought that you need to tackle.

Even though how much you’re happy now
Loneliness will never fade a way that fast
There would always still some part of your life missing
And never a day you never stop searching for that missing part.

Anyone could backfire on me on these thoughts I had
How could and why can I say this “nonsense” things from the start?
I certainly know and feel what I am saying all about
For in my life now, I know I still have those endless lonesome nights

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