Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In Doubt

It all started when you lied
It all started on the day you really mess up
It all started on the minute you caused me deep pain
It all started on the second your secret was told to me
By somebody you have a past with.

I never wanted to believed on the words she said
I never wanted to believed on what she’s trying to insists
I never wanted to believed all she’s telling me
Till she showed me something that was really for real
I never wanted to believe but it’s what I truly did see.

You never said to her that I was your “special someone”
You never said to her that I was your girlfriend for quite a while
You have always said you will always and forever love me
Yet, you never said to her that I was your girl
But instead you said to her that . . . I was gone!?!?!?!

What was all that craps about?
What was all that lies made for?
What was all that nonsense things said?
What are we really to each other then?
Are we what I thought we were?
Or are we what she thought we are.


Tey said...

men are like that... they are complicated. if he is just your bf right now and he can do this to you, beleive me, he will do that more when he is ur husband... I never thought my husband will ever deny me after all these years... So wake up and think if he is the one you want to be with for the rest of your life
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Anonymous said...

nice poem! but i cannot buy you a coffee, hehehe! keep on writing!
have a nice day!

Make Money Tips said...

Wow, I can definitely feel the gust of sadness being emitted be the words in your poem. Very clean delivery and well organized lines. This is certainly a heart felt work. If you are really experiencing this dilemma as mentioned by your poem, hopefully you'll be able to surpass your trials. Just be strong. By the way, I have added your site to my links page. Hope you could do the same.

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