Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Cried

It hurts to know what I felt now
It hurts to know what I tried to hide inside
It hurts to know how I lied to myself
It hurts that I kept on living my life as if nothing had happen.

I tried to live my life as happy as I can and sorrow free
And have tried to see each moment with you in a different way
But no matter how much I tried to hide
And not affected from the hurt I felt inside
I always end up with the painful fact
Of that I was badly broken and shattered alive.

Don’t know where and how these painful things started
Don’t know either what happened from the start and to its end
Don’t know how to cope up with the sudden change of hearts
Don’t know whether to live or just continue to cry.

I cried for all the confusions you and I showed in my mind
I cried for all the pains you and I brought to my life
I cried for all the torn pieces you and I did to my heart
I cried without even knowing when and how to stop.

Though one thing is for sure right now
I can and could never escape from the pain I felt inside
I don’t know how to end my life’s suffering part
Even though how hard and endlessly I cried throughout the night

The pain I felt for sure will not cease
Or maybe it will on my life’s latter chapters
When tears are no longer flowing from my crying eyes
For each day and night all I did is cried.


BeverLy's Secret said...

It really hurts to read this poem... Good one... Full of emotional element..

burn said...

hello, i like the poem.

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