Friday, October 22, 2010

Good Bye – my DEAR friend

Just because we did not end up together happy
It doesn’t mean we must stained each other life’s forever
Starting from the time, you - making and spreading foul stories
On how bad was I in our almost 3 years of togetherness.

Despite what happen, I have maintained my respect to us
I myself never said one bad word about YOU to anyone
I don’t want anybody to look at you in a bad way
I would still want all to respect you with an intact dignity.

But I did not understand your point of badmouthing me to all
You said …
“You are not devastated when I left and when we ended.”
“I am just one of your girls, and you have lots of reserve then.”
“I was just NOTHING in your life for all I did bring you are Headaches and Problems?”
You did even said “You never shed a tear for me once”
Then what were all your crying scenes all about then?

I respected you with all my heart then and even today
I did considered you and your family part of my precious memories
Hurting you and your family is the last thing I would do
For I have loved them to, like I have loved you.

But things just didn’t work out between us before and now
We had all those fights before - one could not understand the reason
And now I came to accept that we are not meant to be one
And you and I can’t deny that it is indeed the FACT.

I will not forced the point that you have loved me too
Because we both know you are not that type of person
You were secretive and not vocal to your feelings about us from the start
But then you could at least – remember that I was a part of you then
And put to mind, I have cherished you to the last moment of us together.

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