Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gentle Reminder

Please look me in the eyes and tell me straight.

That she is just a part of your past
That she is nothing right from the start
That she never holds a little part of your heart

That you and her are nothing more than friends
That you did not longed a day for her presence
And that you do not think of her even for a second

Is it that hard for you to just speak up your mind?
Is it that hard for you to be true to yourself and me?
Is it that hard for you to appreciate what we have now?

I am trying the best I have to work out things between us
I am trying to be understanding as much as I can
I am trying not to be affected and hurt by her
But she is making it hard for me every single day.

If you are afraid that I may get hurt
Then do not be and feel sorry for me
For putting me in this kind of situation
Will only make me bleed and hurt more

Better stop the pretensions if you know loving me will never come
For I would rather be a friend of yours
Than to have you as someone
Who was never and will never be mine.

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