Thursday, September 23, 2010

From My Heart, Thank You

With so many people in this world to be blessed
Why did God choose me instead?
With so many people out there more deserving than me
Why did happiness knocked on my way?

Wondering even what good things I have done
To deserve such a wonderful and great man
A man whom I not only considered a friend
But someone so special and so dear.

You are special in many ways I could possibly think
Not just because of your care and thoughtfulness for me
But because beyond that, you showed me who you really are
And the real you, is what makes me now happy.

When destiny decides for me to bumped in to you
Never did I thought, I would be so lucky then
For all the things you have done to me that is so true
Could never think on how am I going to repay you.

Never a day that I never asked God to keep you away from harm
Coz you are indeed a person one of a kind
Words may not be enough on how thankful I really am
But I am and that’s the truth in my life now.

But nevertheless, I thank God for such a wonderful gift
A gift that would surely be treasured forever
For once in my life’s path, I came to know you.
And from the deepest part of my heart, I thank you.

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