Saturday, August 7, 2010


I admit to myself right from the start
I did a lot of unthinkable stuff from the past
And until now, I know some of it is still here with me
Never was I everybody’s dream girl to be.

I have all those known and unknown flaws
Entirely all my life I expected it wouldn’t run out
And just had faced the fact
That it will be hard to find a man who will accept with his whole heart
And who would accept me with no questions asked.

As my past have shown me
Changing me immediately is their best remedy
Is it that hard just to accept me for who I am?
And would just accept me for what I am.

Changing from worst to better is good
But never would they must expect change in a day or so
They have said, they liked and even loved me
Yet they only based their feelings on what they personally see
Without even getting to know the real me.

When they knew me, I already have all the flaws they could see
Yet they let me believe they accepted the whole me
But honestly all are all pretensions
For such reason of turning me to their own dream girl to be.

Why did they let me believe on lies from the start?
When their goal is to drastically change the whole me
Instead of accepting just ME
For what would be their hidden reason?
To be a better show off to their friends and family
I was never born to impressed anyone
Yet, I was born to be truly love

Guess I was not good enough for them
They are better off with someone else new then
A new other half they could find
A new girl they want for their grounded reasons
A girl they could call their own
A girl next door with no flaws at all.

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