Sunday, October 24, 2010

End Of Fate

Remember the day when we started loving each other
Bells rang, birds chirped, butterflies flew, skies showered snow
Yes those were the effects when we both say our “I love you’s”
Everyone was all cheered up and was happy, including us.

The journey together was full of smiles, laughter and joy
Though there are some faults but we managed to pass it all through
Everyone would envy what we used to have and what we were
They even said “A couple through eternity and forever will be”.

Then one wrong move you had decided to make
Because of your sudden thoughts of space
You had choose to make a move to another lady
Hoping to get an answer for your questions of feeling empty

I was hurt deeply and shattered to the very last bits of me
But it’s the decision you have made, and I know I can’t interfere
I let you be and had picked up myself from the ground where you left me
Standing on my own feet without anyone for me to hold on to

Then you came back to me running and gasping again for my love
You admitted and regret the wrong decision you have chosen and made
You then started to say to me all those broken promises you had said before
But I replied “No more” and you were shocked what I had just uttered.

Accepting the fact might be hard for us to face
But I had to cope and handle it all by myself with fate
For the day you have decided to like and love another
Is the day, everything between us had ended.

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