Friday, November 5, 2010

Can't Go Back

You had hurt my heart so bad
And I hate you so much for that
You have left me by myself and all alone
When you knew, I can’t stand on my own.

I never realized that my life is on stake
When I’ve decided to love you with no fake
It takes so much time for me to recover
From a heart that was broken asunder.

Everything then in my life had changed
And things now were not the same
I know it’s hard for me to move on
But I know I must and should go on.

Now, here I am trying to be all right
Facing a new life as if with no fright
In spite of all the things that didn’t work out right
And of things, that didn’t make our love last.

I really want to turn back the time
But I must leave all my past with you behind
I really want to be with you again
But I must not and should not then.

I can’t go back anymore and no more
And I must not love you again like before
I must learn to live a life without you
And should leave all my memories I had with you.

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