Thursday, December 2, 2010

All You Left For Me

Ever since the day you and I ended all what we had started
Is the day my “everything” on us is no longer reality based
For all what was left on us being together
Are the pains you and I have given each other.

I have sincerely ask you to stop making me believe in lies again
For its not easy to cope over again with the same pain
I have sincerely ask you to just stop pretending and just leave me
At least you can show me a bit of respect I’m entitled to have from the beginning.

We might have not end up in good terms on our goodbyes
But never did I hold a deep grudge on your side
You were once a part of my life’s journey
And no one can erase that part of you in my life’s chapter.

My dear, I thank you for the times you offered
I thank you for the special feelings to me you used to showed
I thank you for the great family to me you ushered
And I thank you for the chance of letting me a part of that life.

All is left of me now are the moments of what we used to have
All has left are the pities for myself I now have felt
Knowing all the tears and times I had are sacrificed and wasted
To the one person whom I thought is the right one for me to have.


posh post said...

ooohhhh...both sweet and the same time.

MelCole of PA,USA said...

Hi there! I like your blog. Would you mind if I ask you, are you a goth? It seems this poem has the sense of it. I like that coz I'm also sad. Hehe...anyways, I hope you can visit my site and add me too, added you in my bloglist already. Hope to see ya again.

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