Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Are Different?

We are different in many ways. Our outer appearance and physical appearances are the same. We have almond brown eyes. We are yellowish in complexion and we are Chinese by blood.

But we are extremely different in our emotional and inside aspects. We have different points of view ... He says "What is to wait?" and I tell him "What is the hurry?" we do not meet in the middle.

He never seems to appreciate what I do. Even if they were little things. I believe that great things start from small beginnings. I cannot easily break up with someone I like but he can. I am an anti of the word "letting go". Well, I think he is not. I am used to being hard to get.. Well, he is not. I am a girl and he is Not!

We were raised in a different manner considering we have different parents. I love him and he does not! I miss him and he does not! I miss him and he does not! I am sensitive and he is not to what I feel. I need assurance and he does not give that to me.

I am me and he is him ... we are jus two different persons with different IDEAS!

Jan 23, 2001

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