Monday, December 21, 2009

Summer Romance

Your body glistened in the summer light,
I stare ‘til the sun vanishes to the night.
My eyes abuse you with my dirty mind,
You are such a gift to humankind.
You glance at me and see me stare,
A connection builds -- there is flare.
I feel the spark between us grow,
Like cupid hit us with an arrow and bow.
You look away and try to ignore,
Like nothing has happened on the summer beach shore.
But again you turn and look my way,
And walk to the area where I lay.
I introduce myself like a shy school girl,
Your masculine voice makes me shiver and twirl.
We go for a stroll in the white summer sand,
Something tingles inside me as you hold my hand.
I smile and thank you for giving me a chance,
To experience summer with a short-term romance.

Darkness has enveloped the land,
But we sit and snuggle in the cold white sand.
We talk till the morning sun rays show,
And head back to our rooms as the morning winds blow.
You hold my waist and give me a kiss,
And tell me it was a day you will forever miss.
I try to go to bed and dream,
But my thought of you is so extreme.
I lie awake thinking of you,
As being alone again makes me feel blue.
I will forever thank you for this chance,
To experience summer with a short-term romance.

I wake and go to the summer beach shore,
Where we met and made out once before.
I look around and don’t see you in sight,
But I’ll wait for you until the time is right.
You sneak up to me and give me a smile,
This made my wait for you really worthwhile.
We do the things like we did yesterday,
And stroll around in the summer beach bay.
The passion between us grows so much stronger,
The excitement in me can’t be held any longer.
I grab your hand and hold it tight,
And tell you what I want to do tonight.
You smirk at me and look into my eyes,
And are stomachs fill with butterflies.
I’m grateful you gave me a chance,
To experience summer with a short-term romance.

The night becomes more peaceful and still,
And I move closer to you to avoid the chill.
We finish the night with drinks in our hand,
And do what we do as we earlier planned.
You carry me to my room next door,
And tear off the clothes that I once wore.
Our bodies rub against each other-
It’s a feeling I want to feel forever.
Your kiss to my neck gently tickles me,
It takes me places that make me feel free.
You hands go where no one’s been before-
It makes me want to be with you even more.
We caress each other like there’s no tomorrow,
For tomorrow will bring nothing but sorrow.
But I’m still glad you gave me that chance,
To experience summer with a short-term romance.

Summer has unwillingly come to an end-
Time to say goodbye to my summer love and friend.
We’re left with nothing but a memory to keep,
The sadness in my heart makes me want to weep.
We hug each other and say our goodbyes,
Sorrow shows as tears roll down your eyes.
You walk away and give me one last stare,
It was a moment I could not ever bear.
I go down on my knees; I know this is wrong,
Because the way I feel for you feels so strong.
But no matter how hard I pray and plea,
I know we were never meant to be.
No words of love has ever been stated,
In the summer beach island where we once dated.
But I’ll forever appreciate the chance,
I experienced summer with a short-term romance.

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