Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Some quotes ...

** Love is like a body of water. Throw a stone and it will make ripples that extend to infinit It is like mine, just take step and you will be loved wholeheartedly without a doubt. (oct 2, 2000)

** My life is a book, people have started writing in it since the day I was born and now that I have found you, I ask you ... if you may ... will you please write the rest of the chapters of my life. (nov 12, 2000)

** Am I crazy, or am I really looking at you?
Am I crazy, or am I really with you?
Call me crazy! But I know that I am falling hard for you! (nov 12, 2000)

** Call me weird for acting like this
Call me innocent for situations like this
Call me honest for the things that I do
And call me crazy but my heart tells me that I LOVE YOU (nov 12, 2000)

** The more I talk with you, the more I get to know you
The more I see you, the more I speak of you
The more we see each other,
the more I am bothered that I might have fallen for YOU (dec 13, 2000)

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