Thursday, December 24, 2009

Once Again ...

Does it always have to be this way?
Must I always be the one to keep away?
Do I always have to understand you?
Why can't it just be simpler, the way it used to ...

Why does this happen to me?
When I am involved with you, you are not free
Is this what lie has for me?
To support and love you unconditionally?

I really love my man
That is why I am sticking till I can
I am really just a simple lady
My happiness is to have his love only

I am not sure what he really feels
All I know is that this is real
I am fighting for this love
I lost it once, and this again I have

I want him to be the one
I waited two years for this one
I am certain that I love this man
I do not know whwat to do if he is again gone

I hope our love would make us stronger
I hope it will keep us longer
I wish it will be forever with him
Because he is eternity for me!!!

September 29, 2002

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es said...

nice thoughts...

thanks for the hop!keep coming back:)

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