Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Under the scorching sun, I mesmerized of you. When I heard that you were dancing with someone else, I let out a helpless sigh. I couldn't imagine myself gazing at the sight of both of you so happily in love together.

I feel sad because I was not able to give all that I can to share every sorrow, every pain, every joy and every tear with you. It would have touched our hearts and souls extremely deep.

Sometimes I still have faith that one perfect day when everything is at the right place and at the exact time, when every mood is heavenly, we will just fall in love all over again. Then those who hate the sight of us will envy us. Those who are intimated will make us stronger.

I will hold on to you with every breath. Take care of you with the sweetness of the symphony in heaven. I must and have to let go for now. But you are nowhere to be found but in the one true thing that keeps me alive, my heart.

September 27, 2001


marriage markers said...

oh that is soooo sad...so sad to belong to someone else...and so sad when your loved one belongs to someone else...

ditch said...

this breaks my heart - i am totally living as this fool right now.

ritz said...

oh my... so dad... *sob

ritz said...

oh my... so sad... *sob

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