Monday, November 30, 2009

Life After Us

The day you bid goodbye,
I cried an ocean of tears
The day you pushed me away
I had nothing but fear

I thought my life would forever be dull
It hasn't been, but still it was null
I thought I would never laugh again
I hadn't but I've been smiling of our past, back then

People come and go
Why did I lose you? I do not know
But what we've shared forever stays
Never will it fade from my day to day

Funny how I lose the ones I love
And realize later what I should have had
Regret afterwards follow this painful pain
Pride, rejection, hurt and fear, all mixed stain

Whenever I look back at my past
I could only feel the love that was so fast
"What if" are always the words in my mind
But that ain't gonna bring you back to me and be mine =(

feb 15, 2001

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