Saturday, January 2, 2010

It Wasn't Over Yet

Who told you that life was fair?
It was not fair and it will never will
Life was not fair with me in the past
And should not be fair either now with your life.

I never complaint a single word for what had happen before
I never cursed you for the pains you caused
Instead I make myself love you more
And neglected all the reasons to leave you and moved on.

I did things to ease the hurts and sorrows I felt
I talk to God and let Him swept away all those pains.
I carry secretly all those burdens I had
And mourning the whole night until it runs out.

I never let your name be tainted by your faults
I even made your name so beautiful to my family’s thoughts
I never let them know and see the real you
Well maybe that’s one of the reason they have loved you to.

But to much is enough, I think to go on
It’s time for me to live for myself and not for you
What has done is done
You and I could no longer anymore be one.

Please don’t expect the pain you felt now will end soon
For this chapter of your life had just started its first course
Remember, the payback is not over yet
It is time then that life must be unfair to you also
To let you know and feel what I felt when I was still with you

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