Friday, December 11, 2009

Hollowness In Me

Your name tingles my ear
Your name adds up all my fears
I cannot speak of you
Coz it only brings back the ghost in you

Your smell intoxicates my nose
Your smell shakes my toes
I just cannot breathe
Or I will be swept off my feet

Your smile melts my heart
Your smile makes me start
Crying but I just cannot
Make this chord into a knot

The sight of you shivers me
The sight of you makes me see
The regrets I had
Since you walked away, I felt so sad

Your hug is all I miss
Your hug gives me all the bliss
I know I cannot have you back
It would be against all odds

My lie has stopped spinning
My life has stopped pretending
To the fact of denying
The love unending

My heart weeps for you
My heart still loves you
But I cannot make you love me once more
It is just too late to love you more

My soul still prays
That you might come back one day
And spend forever with me
Because you are my eternity

Feb 21, 2001

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