Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Him (Part 2)

I began to drop in class
Everything was kiss my ass
My friends and his friends told me to forget him in my heart
I tried it but how can they force me to forget him when he has been a big part of my
life and forever in my heart ...

I could not forget his hugs and kisses
That is how much I miss (it)
I could not forget his words
His gentle and sweet voice that spins my world

All these ended in a second
He does not love me in a second
He just pities me
And that hurts and insults me

I want him so much
Coz I need him so much
I guess I will just have to let go
What will happen I do not know

I do not know why things went wrong
Why he fell out of love from a love that used to be strong
I will leave it to you Lord
I will let him free. I will break the chord.

He knows what he is doing
And it is not my problem i I will hear him crying
It will hurt I know, so much ...
That it is not right to just hush

I know I will cry an ocean of tears for sure
But then pain in time will cure
I do not believe in destiny
For we create our own destiny

I do not believe in soul mates
For we make our own soul mates
Right now I do not want him in my heart
I want my heart torn apart

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