Monday, January 25, 2010

Him (Part 1)

I met this guy
Whom I thought was the perfect guy
He is the kind of guy who loves purely
That is what makes me fall deeply

He is the kind of guy who takes responsibilities
He is the kind of guy whom I have loved infinitely
He is the kind of guy who gives you the right treatment
But I found out he does not like any commitment

I have been hurt a lot of times
But still I was alive
We had many happy times together
That I thought we would grow stronger as go nearer to forever

I remembered the first time we met
He asked me out and it was set
We went to Club Fuel, a bar
And to some mountain not so far

I remembered him bringing food the next day
I was sure I already fell for him in any way
Then when he went to cdo
I was sure to say "I do" (I do accept your offer)

We have been through many ups and downs
We fought it together and never turned around
Time went by and we started fighting
I began to voice out and kept scolding

Things were not just the same
And it is driving me insane
As time passed by we began to grow weaker
He broke some promises, broke my heart and now I shiver

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resistanCe said...

I love this soooo much

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