Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going Back To The Philippines

Excerpt (Aug 29, 2008): I was so bored at work today, and was having a senseless conversation with my boyfriend. I started writing lyrics of songs to reply to his messages, and he goes "Why don't you write a song of us going to the Philippines?". So I did. In 10 minutes this is the song I came up with (not really a song, just a poem lol)

Inside my office I sing,
Of going to the Philipping. (lol tried to make it rhyme)
Oh how I miss my friends out there,
What a wonderful memory we all share.

I sit, wait and think,
That I will be home in a wink.
I know its impossible, its just a dream,
But thinkin about it makes me want to scream!!

I wonder when this will all be done,
And I’ll be sitting on the beach having fun.
On Christmas day with Kres and family,
Oh it would be such harmony!

I bash my head and get back to reality,
OMG this place is messing with my mentality!!
On another thought.. How crazy am I?
To think of a rhyme, to make time pass by?

1 comment:

Pearl said...

love it! love your the thought you're going to visit pinas! go!!!
excited for you:-)

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