Sunday, January 10, 2010


Every night I feel this isolation from reality. I do not want to close my eyes coz I only see the angry darkness. When I do, it would only bring me back to fantasy land. Where I lived for almost 15 months and realized it was just a make believe.

In my dream, I saw a mirror like that of my past. It flashbacked right through me. I did not want to watch but some great force acting on me was holding my head and making me watch every detail of the terrifying and painful past.

There I saw an unmerciful being who was hurting this pitiful girl like hell. They were arguing but his final words struck through her like sharp daggers with poison on the tip. It left her like that of which after a storm. Broken promises, aching heart, depressed emotion and grieving soul. Tears like crystal had dried up. She did not hate him instead she prayed for him everyday and he just did not know that he still loves her because his love was not as loud as thunder but as light as air. His love was infinite like space. She prays for him not to hurt another girl ever again.

July 5, 2001

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