Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I love you so much so please love me too.
Pay attention to me when I talk to you and I will lend you my ears.
Treat me like a princess and I will treat you as my king.
Seduce me, but do not force me. Tempted me but do not torture me.

Do not cheat on me or lie to me if you do not want me to do the same.
Be gentle with me and I will treat you like a baby.

I am wild at times.
Tame me if you really want me to be yours alone.
If you want to own me, be my servant first and if I see you are honest and true, your wish will be my command.
Be patient if you love me.
In the end you will conquer me.
Be forgiving and in the end I will be all yours.

I love you and I can give you everything right now but give me some to save for myself. I want you but please do these first.
I assure you, you will have me forever.

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