Saturday, December 19, 2009

Beauty - Ugliness

I said what beauty God has created to me. He has created this being I have learned to love more than myself. Everyday I have learned to appreciate the tiniest things of nature. From the amazing roots to the delicious fruit of a tree. Everyday I have learned to live my life in the presence of God.

But in my everyday a simple thing I have learned, it was easy to love you! When it rained, it was sunshine for me. When it stormed, it was a great tomorrow for me. For I know that everyday you would come and rescue me ...

But now that you have gone away. You just did not know what heartache you gave. I have learned to hate the tiniest things I used to love. But still I did not hate God. When it rained, it was doomsday.

When it stormed, it was revelation to me. For you are not there to rescue and comfor me. But then again. I never forgot to pray a rainbow after a rain and sunshine after a storm. And blessings for the one I love.

July 5, 2001

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