Friday, December 4, 2009

Beauty In You That I Lost

You are so much beauty, so much elegance, so much glamour and perfection to me. But there you are before me. So fragile and delicate like a new born baby. A mere sight of you never fails to make a sailboat out of my lips. You are precious, extinct and extraordinary that I could only take a glance of you and never be able to hold and conquer you.

You are far as the sky but twinkling with grace brightly before everyone's eyes. My world rotates around my heart. My heart spins my mind but both revolve around a mysterious universe which is you!

But given a chance to win you. I still could not accept and claim you 'coz I am no good for you, you deserve me so much more and someone better. I have nothing to offer. I have no fortune. I have no name. But I have my heart to share.

September 25, 2001


marriage markers said...

yo! in love! :-) hihihi that's nice...leaving my prints here...

Tey said...

wow, you got to have the courage to tell her my friend.. GOOOOO
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narutochen said...

i love you.. ahhhhh

burn said...

this is nice post. I feel the love within. ai! sobra kilig!

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