Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is It A Game?

Love is a game they say
Now I know it is
Love fools, love plays
Love leaves you in bliss

They say love hurts
And I've felt it too
Especially if it's your first
It will really get into you

Once I've been bad
My "bf" scolded me
Once I've been sad
Coz he neglected me

Once I've been good
And we ended up hugging/kissing
Once I've been in a bad mood
And we ended up fighting

Those times of fighting
We ended up making up
This time of arguing
We ended in breaking up :(

Cupid has taught me a lesson
Never to love much a person

Dec 30, 1999


Dream said...

woww... Nice Poem friend.. Keep in touch .

mwah..... :*

eugene said...

first cut is the deepest, first love is the sweetest, first break up is the hardest.

love that poem of yours man,, will be back

IT Stuff Review Blog said...

is that your feeling ?
it's a good poem and feeling.

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