Thursday, November 26, 2009

Am I Dreaming?

When I got the chance to befriend with you, I never regret the day I was given the opportunity to let myself open its own doors to love once again.

For knowing you made miracles in my life changing it into an art of happiness and unending sweetness of life I've never felt before. How this madness drove me crazy to long for your affection, hugs and tingling kisses that rushed through my veins.

Because of you, I detangled myself from the selfish principles I've followed. I've never felt deeply in love with some stranger as quick as the speed of light. The sensation of putting my arms around your warm body tells me that I want you. No exact words put together could measure the indescribable and intimate feeling running through my soul, leaping to have someone. Someone I know I've loved before. How reality reflect mirrors of dreams. I've loved you before I saw the sharpness of those tantalizing eyes.

You put me under your spell ... which I've longed for ever since the promise of you came. What are all these for? Not to flatter you! I don't need adjectives to describe the essence of my sweet nothings. All I craved for was to simply tell you that reaching the moon and giving it to you is a BIG LIE! But telling you that loving myself is nothing compared to my love for you ... You are my Love and I need you because you are the missing piece I've been searching or. All these are mere exaggerations but I could simplify it to 3 true words ... I LOVE YOU!

Dec 12, 2000


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