Friday, November 18, 2011

Why Did I?

Why did I shove off my angel?
Why did I hurt my love?
What happened to me? To this perfect reality?
Why was I too scared to have fallen for someone
I thought was too impossible to have?
Why was I too afraid to lose you one day?
Why was I thinking of this horrible thought?
When I could have enjoyed those moments iwth you,
Which I extremely missed now
Why was I so paranoid and insecure that my one true love
May still be in love with his ex girlfriend?
Why did I not trust what he tells me?
Why did I not accept and take care of the angel God gave me?
When he was totally faithful to me.

He was my companion, my bestfriend,
My brother, and my love
I could ask for nothing more because I had him
I was contented but that I didn't realize till now
If he only knew how many sleepless and aching nights
I had since we parted ...
A year now and still I continue to mourn
If only he knoew how it hurts me to see him very happy without me
Maybe I did the right thing ... to let go of him
Maybe he doesn't deserve someone like me
But I wanted to give him everything I can
Each day that comes my way, the only prayer
I pray is to have a second chance with him
And maybe I can make him feel someday that
I showed and did everything for him coz
I love him, him and he alone.

If only he could hear me speak of his name
Every spare time I have
If only he could see the tears in my eyes when I see him
If only he could read my mind that hinks of him
If only he could touch me, he'd feel the fear of totally losing him
If only he was near me, then he'd feel my heart beating for him
If's ... but I wish he'd know one day the reason
Behind all these coz I've got no other way to express
My heartaches except through this poem

That simplifies all these to 10 words:
I wish he would know how much I love him!

Feb 8, 2002


Brigitte said...

nice... dramatic

badz said...

cooollll... love & pain..

Cheddarina said...

Hey! Happy New Year!

Cecile said...

nice poem :-)

Tey said...

hmmmm, no comment
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Krishna said...

They say, "Love is selfless", and hence, though you may have bitter feelings, you can never hate the one whom you really love!

apple said...

memories can never be forgotten ... this may well be imprinted inside my head forever lol

ee-ey said...

hey have a happy weekend!

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