Monday, November 14, 2011

Tired ...

Sometimes I feel tired
Sometimes I feel down
But there are things I can't hide
The forces tell me you're the only one

Life was so empty without someone
Everyone was simply the same
I trusted no one
Yet it changed when you came

I try to hide what I'm feeling
But I can't seem to pretend
I can't deny the fact that I'm falling
Falling for someone who was just a friend

I may look at other guys
But I just don't know why my heart stays the same
The truth lies in my eyes
And you just have the charm to set my heart on flame

There's something in you I really desire
Something in you that keeps me alive
There are a lot of things I really admire
You caught my heart by a sweet smile

You drive me crazy
With the love you've been showing me
Life became easy
With the sacrifices you did for me ....

Everyday you just didn't know
You go deeper and deeper into my heart
Each day you helped me grow
You taught me where to start

You taught me what love is
You showed me what it is
You made me feel what it is
And you were the one who gave me my first kiss ...

July 21, 1999


Anonymous said...

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razifembi said...

is it a poem wrote by you or a song


treen said...

so tired to write a blog and read blog walking. Isn'it?

Anonymous said...

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siraniks said...

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