Monday, January 5, 2009

New Poems By My Sister Apple

Greetings to everyone. A very big thanks to those who still drop by this blog. This is chitgoks. I am sure a lot of you have also visited my other blogs. I maintain bhobwire's blog for his poems and I am the one posting them after he emails them to me. As you may have noticed, there have not been any new postings (he has been extremely busy). So I have decided to add my sister's poems here. Poems she made during her high school and college days. You will know if it is from her because I will be placing the tag apple from now on. If it will be bhobwire's poems, the tag bhobwire will be used.

Keep visiting! Have a good day all of you.


reja said...

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bhobwire said...

cool! thanks reja

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