Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eigth Monthsary

Even if things are not the same
I still love you
Even if we've gone insane
I'll still love you

Eight months is pretty long
But still I want to go on
I'll just pray we'll get along
Coz I don't want to be alone

I know you love me
And I love you too
So please trust in me
I won't do such thing as cheating on you!

I hope you won't stop loving me
Baby, I love you and I'm holding on tight
I want you for me
I'll love you till I die!

(nov 28, 1999)


Dream said...

ohhh... my godness .... so nice

I Love it ........ keep going on fri.... :)

Nanaybelen said...

Nice poem.

Happy 3 Kings!

Anonymous said...

Hello there my friend! I found your blog very interesting so I have added your link in my Blogroll. I hope you'll link me back. Have a nice day!

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