Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hong Kong

When I was there

You were not there

Now you are there

And I am just here
Time is sometimes crazy

Bringing things in irony

My heart longs for my baby

The plane flew so far away
Hong Kong you have no pity

You separated us miles away

Loneliness dragging me to insanity

Self is pulled hard by gravity
Fingers crawling on keypad so fast

Ears longing to hear you at last

System error I strongly curse

Leaving my heart so bruise
My baby, I miss you so much

Same feeling when I was with the Dutch

God I lift up to you my weary soul

Seeking for your love and miracle

The heaven had spoken

Power of love is strengthen

The day will be brighten

My love is not forsaken
Waiting, patiently waiting

Every night I am dreaming

Looking forward to your homecoming

My beloved dove so charming
Hong Kong I’m on my knees

Do not keep my dove so long please

Hong Kong to you I plead

My dove is the only reason I live


Borneo Falcon said...

Great poem. Like it

claire said...

your love one is in hongkong?

bhobwire said...

thanks borneo falcon.

haha, i dont think so claire. ;)

maternity woman said...

nice poem. you are inspired ? or you miss her so much

Nanaybelen said...

pwede ng tawagin Makata. hehe. joke

ayos namn eh

BeverLy's Secret said...

I like it!! But i prefer the previous one better :)

Keep it up!!! good job!!

ZARA said...

This is cute!
Keep it up!

KCee said...

This is a heart-warming poem. Thanks for sharing! :)

Tey said...

hahah at last you updated you blog.. it's good to know that your heart is in hongong
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kaycee said...

awww, it must be hard to away from each other....


deeply touched! nice poet, i love it ^_^

shirley said...

lovely.. well said!.. i added u in my link.

Tey said...

I like the theme of your blog, it's just that it is not regualrly updated. Hope to read more poems from thi blog
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anneberly said...

I was here to visit you baCK. hAVE a good weekend
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Debrian said...

u live in hongkong ??

please link me..


sexy pinay said...

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yessamin said...

nice poem.

Dream said...

wowow.....that is really nice poem /
i can feel ur poem..
thanks .
keep in touch

cathy said...

i miss your poem...

mahendra said...

if tomorrow does not come
so it better say it now
why must keep it and hurt
its better now or never......!

( just a little share from me )

emotera said...

so touching...

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anneberly said...

have a great day to you my friend
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rodaflip said...

Hi , i'm back into circulation , See yah..

emotera said...

wow, such a lovely poem. thanks for sharing this.

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BeverLy's Secret said...

Time is sometimes crazy...
love this sentence!!! Utterly true :)

Tey said...

it's good to see you, Thanks for visiing my site, Have a great weeeknd
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faye said...

haha ganda ng rhyme!
keep it up

Ivana said...

great poem. Thx for visiting my
north sulawesi

Tey said...

I was here my friend
Ester's Daily Thoughts
Ester's Money Journal
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Cheddarina said...

Finally u updated... Blog something about HongKong when u r free k?

Tey said...

I was here. Thanks for the visit. I hope to see a new post here next time
Ester's Daily Thoughts
Ester's Money Journal
Ester's Recollections

4ever7 said...

Please update your url. I have deleted my Avatar Temple blog. I have a new blog, http://exdeoscientia.blogsot.com and I have added you to my blogroll already.

Lisa said...

hi thanks for the visit...visiting here too

The Siraniks said...

Merry Merry
XMAS sa inyo tanan diri
XMAS to all of here
XMAS sa lahat ng nandito



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