Friday, May 15, 2009

You Are My Heaven

You never failed to take care of me. You laughed with me when my heart shouted for joy. You sang me silent lullabies when my eyes and body longed for sleep. When weather was bad, you sheltered me from the cold. And you protected me from the world’s heat when my sweat glands surrendered.

You hugged me when I was in the height of emotion. You danced with me when my feet were in synched with the sound that went out from the blue speaker of my audio equipment. You applauded when I sang at the top of my lungs and used my vocal cords and diaphragm just to produce the notes that were in consonance with my singing style. You were un-tired when you accompanied me reading my favorite books and you never passed judgment to me when my imagination went inside the pages of what I was reading.

You were very understanding and accommodating to my friends who gave entertainment to my loner private self. You never argued with my idiot box. You never froze with my cooler. You never had head spin with the source of my wind. And most importantly, you never complained watching over the protectors of my feet and the fabric armament of my body.

Beyond everything, you never blamed me for my weaknesses. You understood me when you saw me drowned in my own imperfection. You still loved me even when I swam in the sea of temptation. I never heard any condemnation from you. Instead, when storms were on my way, you offered your shoulder and wiped my tears away. You never felt yucky when I blew my nose every crying episode of mine. Your assurance eliminated my fears, both the rational and the irrational.

I cannot thank enough for everything you have done to me. You embraced me tightly when you knew that I am in love again. From the start until now, you welcome me and my dove in your heaven. You continue to witness all our shared moments from the funniest to the most melodramatic. I never heard any discouragement from you. Rather, you boost my strength through giving me inspiration that you let me figure out when I am alone, and keeping in touch with my intuition and talking to the supreme force.

You accepted me for who I truly am. You liberated me from conventions and helped me defined responsible independence and maturity. Now that our episode will come to a close, my soul cries out loud. If only I alone rule the universe, I should have not let this happen. But as what you taught me, changes happen and it is our own perspective and our choice that make changes healthy.

I love you. You can feel that from all the chambers of my heart. You are irreplaceable. You are my one and only.

You are my blue room.

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