Thursday, November 19, 2009

We, Vampires

We are in movies. we are in songs. We roam around in disguise. People say we thirst for blood and we love to seduce. We are passionate yet ferocious. Others feel we love attention. We kiss and tell and run like hell. Psychos they call us. Sad to say,
we are not scared of a crucifix. we can drink your most precious holy water.

Theories abound - trying to explain who really we are. Directors, authors and self-confessed artists adore us, for we are special and meaningful. And only ourselves who know our soul. Time will never be your ally to dig deeper in our room. For it is destiny that shapes that our world will be unkown.

Some of us are your friends, brothers or foes. Strangers we may appear but we know your
smell. We are mysterious and we will never be understood.

One thing for sure, for once you have let us be a part of your material world.

bhob wire - the vampire, not the slayer.

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