Thursday, November 19, 2009


The world is fast. Cars move fast. Time runs fast. But, there is still this moment that we need to wait. Is it patience? No. Is it perseverance? No. Just simply, a time to wait. Waiting. For someone. For something. I can't tell.

There things owned by the hand destiny. These are things bound to happen. We don't have control over them. We don't know what will they be. We are left with nothing but to wait. As we wait, if our senses are not beguiled by the boredom it brings, we can see a lot of ourselves. If we let the wings of awareness fly us to the higest peak of realistic imaginings, we can see a lot of ourselves. Therefore, waiting is not to be in vain. Waiting is a blessing worth jubilating. Waiting is a reality. Waiting is already there prior to our birth. A common experience to the living and the dead.

It is an experience defined by a lot. However, there is no single meaning for everyone. Waiting is a mystery. It surprises those who wait. And it discourages those who cannot.

Waiting, I am waiting. For what? I dunno. All I am certain is I am waiting.

Are you? Will you?

Don't wait for me...because I am bhob wire.

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