Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vampire's Longing

In the middle of the night, my veins are active. My sticky blood flashes so quick that made my heat beat faster. My eyes wander in silence observing the mortals charging energy for tomorrow’s rush hours. Different things, either morbid or not so, are like film strips in my mind connecting to the reservoir of my always-disguised emotions.

Under the manmade haven, I lurk in the darkness. The shades of the trees made the moment so perfect for me to devour any sight of my prey. The noises made by the rubber slippers signaled that hunger will soon be over. Food has walked in.

But then, I realize that my stomach needs nothing. I am not thirsty either for some cups of warm blood. I need nothing to intake. Nothing. But I am feeling something. My heart is talking to me about something great.

My red eyes led me to where the key is. Grabbed it and opened the room of my past. It showed tender moments of a great love I had with one mortal. It brought me back to the time where the air is pink and the streets are filled with magnolias. Lips were intertwined as the arms scratched the back of firing love. Sunrise and sunset were the perfect witnesses of the feelings shared by me and my beloved mortal. But not for a long time, love left me devastated. For the mortal it was just one of the stages of life. But to me, it was a part of my whole life, my whole being. Life is imperfect and most of the time unequal.

In a corner of my abode where I made friendship with the spider on my ceiling, I hum our music. I consoled my cold self. I let my mystery be swayed by the notes composed by my brothers. I miss the feeling of having someone not like me but love me unconditionally. For a time already, I have closed my doors. Locked them and put the huge sign of no entry.

I don’t know. Maybe, I am ready this time, for my heart to be devoured by what they call love. Ironic as it is as I usually devour someone else’s for me to be in the seat of power. I now celebrate the highest worship I know. I offer to our supreme my petition to meet the one I am destined to spend my whole time with.
We might be heartless in most of the stories people labeled us. But honestly, we are willing for our hearts to be consumed by you. Part of our imperfection is we can fall. For you.


FR@NC0!X said...

great piece... keep writing!

monica said...

wow! i especially like the last paragraph. There's something about vampires that's always intriguing for me.

Thank you for this. Looking forward for more. :)

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