Friday, February 4, 2011

A Special Ocean

Stand Out

In the middle of the restless crowd, I see you. Your fast small steps invited my eyes to take note of every move you make. Your toes as revealed by your leather slipper are as tender as the ice cream. Each nail is well trimmed. And the skin of your feet is so even that it can be compared to the world’s natural shade of cream.

Your legs, though covered by your blue jeans, are as well sculpted as Pygmalion’s sculpture named Galatea. Your butt is just enough for your size. Its firmness sways in perfect rhyme with every step you make. Your hips and waist captivatingly give support to your body. And I can’t deny that I endlessly salivate seeing your well formed body. My imagination is tickled with a thought that your body smells so humanly giving the aroma of the rawness of flesh.

The silvers on your body shine so naturally that it made my left eye wink in extreme appreciation. In short, I have difficulty containing myself from hugging you. In this instance, all I am wishing is to be one of the molecules of the wind so you won’t see me wrapping you around. Your arms are just hunky-dory to be the stem of one of your best assets, your hands.

They are so clean and each finger is as pure as white candles used in celestial home of the gods. Your nails are as transparent as the sea water in the Caribbean. The finesse movement of your hand reveals the artistic nature of your soul and your discriminating classy taste. As the fingers of your right hand went slowly to your head to fix some of the strands of your fashionable hair, I wet my lips.

Your hair is in great style. Every strand of it looks very neat. Indeed, it is the crowing glory of your baby face. It complements with your not-so-thick and not-so-thin eyebrows. Under them is a pair of windows of your soul. My eyes can’t take my glance away from your pair of mysterious eyes. The folds are like butterfly’s wings you can’t notice its blink to keep your black eyeballs protected from any foreign body that might harm your sight.

Your lashes highlight your entire eyes as they grow long and tender. In the center of your face is your regal nose. Like the Eiffel tower, it stands firm as it give your lungs sufficient oxygen for breathing. Its tip is comparable to the tip of the crunchy twirl that is so inviting to be licked by the tip of my tongue. The redness of your lips illuminates like the comet in winter solstice.

It is such a joy to watch your lips open in smile and flaunt your excellent dental set in mother of pearl. My spirit carts wheel in extreme jubilation every time you flash your smile that is well supported by the slight curve of your chin connected to your sexily carved pair of jaws. Beside them shines a silver pair of earrings that leads to my discovery of your well kept ear.

This time my blood skyrockets as my heart longs to whisper you the world’s most genuine and sweetest words of admiration of your gorgeousness. I notice also the location of your attractive moles in your face. Truly, they add splendor to the wholeness of your facial magnificence.

I am mesmerized.

As I keep on looking at the details of your face, my admiration grows more intense. I remember one theory my teacher in the academe taught me that the whole is not equal to the sum of its parts. You have just proven this. All the details of your face are well guided by the force of destiny making an appearance that most of human species will envy. Your exquisite looks is so fascinating to behold. For me, it is one of the greatest masterpieces perfected. If I have the authority I will not hesitate to declare that it is the first in the list of the seven modern wonders of the world.

You are a certified stand out. No one can argue.

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