Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pencil Wonder

From an earshot distance, I watch you. Your blue shirt highlighted your angelic presence. As you bend your elbows, I can sense that your ideas are overflowing. Each stroke of the lead is never pointless. It is so precise as it is guided by the burning power of your artistic heart.

As I glance on your fingers, I notice your artistic preoccupation. On the clean artist’s sheet, you continue to play with your imagination. Figures from the underworld, where I belong, surfaced. One winged mortal imprisoned in the circles of black magic appeared too.

As your eyes are busy in details with your masterpiece, my soul whispers in your ear. You are so unique. You are one of a kind. More than an artist is your passionate being. Always full of ideas not ordinary man can produce. You are one of the few living persons who can access the depth of emotions without inhibition. For sure, your heart is filled with experiences you accumulated every tick of the time. Experiences that shaped the real person in you.

I give praise to the supreme force for this moment. In time unplanned, I saw one of the most real pieces of your altruistic self. The passion, the art and the pencil made a suspended bridge that made a connection to my heart. Destiny made them visit the pure love I keep in my heart for you.

My love evaporated in the thin air and filled the room with romance. I am ashamed to show it. I don’t want to disturb you. No one can ever understand how I am feeling right now. The raw artistic moment that you are enjoying made my feelings more intense. As the metal on your ear shines a beam of light, my eyes witnessed your real beauty that is skin deep. Your whole being is full of meaning. And those meanings made you special not to anyone else but to me.

Never did I think that this evening I will discover the wonder of pencil. Without a single clue, it brought me to the moment I adore you.

The moment is so passionate.

So free.

So real.

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