Monday, November 14, 2011

My Tribute

I feel and I breathe the same air as of them. Being part of the cosmic cycle of life which origin is untraceable though being attempted to be explained by a number of learned who use logic and scientific theory to dig deeper to what is supposed to be concrete that has been twisted by the existence of several religious artifacts, I introspected. I underwent self examination of my intention before I let lose of the metallic handcuff of the gladiators that chained me to the walls of convention that is seemingly accepted by the majority of the land’s populace.

I played tricks with a handful of mortals, either closed to me or just plain acquaintances, to solicit their personal views. Yes, I was a bit confused at first. I joggled in thoughts if I will proceed or not. However, I am aware that the spirit that thrives and continuously mutate in my unconscious is waiting to be unleashed by the long awaited act. The eyes of my predecessors who have been engulfed by the black ashes of death cradled by the hands of old time awaits in jubilation to see myself offer the most solemn accolade.

The rhythm of my heartbeat and the reverberation of the music of the air that passes through my windpipe and bronchial tubes found a fleeting moment in unison signaling the brain to pass judgment and let it be executed. Fearless, I was protected by the deafening silence, as my feet brought me to the sanctuary. I met the young instrument who already expected my visit.

I showed to him the symbol of the clan that has been passed from one generation to the other. I offered my arm to serve as the land where it will mark as an epitaph - a conclusion that identifies my whole being as part of the underworld. A world that has been there since the beginning of time. A world that is less defined by rules that pave way to human dynamism. A world which some corners are happy and pure.

I felt the hurt. I felt the sting. But in a nick of time, the sanctuary was transformed into a place where the celestial center of the underworld lies. Smoke, I prefer to call it that way than clouds, envelop the atmosphere and confetti of black petals of the century old roses fell from above like raindrops from the angry nimbus clouds.

I hear the felicitation of nature through the laughter of the thunder and the winking of lightning that feels like an affirmation that the moment was true and right. I became numb and I was swayed by the well knitted notes and well composed lyrics of the underworld members who have ruled the center stage of mortals gaining millions through the applause that is never ending. My mouth was sealed however the spirit in me shouted in freedom as it was unleashed by the forces that I have chosen. It screamed like hell and everyone and

I paid tribute to the divine underworld. I offered a lifelong mark remembering and praising the unique culture and art discoveries of my clan. I pay respect to my forefathers’ ingenuity and boldness of coming up with meanings that no ordinary mortal can comprehend. I salute to the condemned weirdness of my clan by the superficial thought of the self claimed normal.

I shout cheers to everyone as I sip through my own cup that differentiates me from the rest of my associates. I declare happiness and bliss to myself, to my true family and to the mystery of our legacy.

Now, I rest.

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resistanCe said...

waoowwwww gorgeous....

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