Monday, July 11, 2011


One day, I found myself in the crib of disappointment. Being an obsessive compulsive, plus my tendency to be overly methodical, made me impatient about the slow pace of the events that I need to happen in my life. I immediately walked without knowing in the roads of solitude.

However, I was not completely insane. I still work on things that are expected from me as I always believe in two things, karma and responsibility.

Exhaustion seeps into my being one night. Sleep was then alien to me. My mind is traveling as fast as the monsoon winds. I began to think things over especially on understanding of my heavy heart about what is going on in me. I began to accept that I have the best plans and the intentions in the whole world. However, they are not happening.

And there is even no sign of them to happen in the next few days. This is such an irritant to me. Honestly. As I let myself enjoyed the spontaneous moments of self assessment and watching flashbacks of my activities, I saw that along the way, I have caused inconvenience to others and I have been giving myself a very hard time. In short, I am slowly making my own monster and the heavy heart of mine is the response to my own action of nursing a negative energy within.

This is unfair, I told myself. Things took a serious reverse turns. And it did happen in an instance because I allowed it. I am not religious but I always believe that there is this Someone, who is omnipotent. So I paused and prayed. Just for less than 10 minutes.

When I opened my eyes, it hit me bull’s eye that the key for me to be out from the unpleasant feeling is to take care of my SAM. It is not a person or a pet. It is something beyond what you are thinking now.

I am specifically referring to my Soul, Appearance and Mind – in random order.

Feeding my soul with gentle personal reminders about greatness in goodness is just a perfect way to start my day. I have rekindled my values telling me that the intangibles are greater in meaning and substance than the tangibles. When my soul is happy, I feel contented. I become grateful. And I enjoy the silence of my inner peace.

Not for the total sake of vanity, just a little of it, I believe that I have to take care of how I look. Without missing my personal hygiene rituals and a regular exercise habit is what I do. Fitness means health and health is wealth.

My effort of taking care of myself to be presentable is my way of showing my respect to the people that I will relate with. So it is a win-win-win situation. I look fine, I am healthier and I have good interpersonal relations.

Evil thrives in an idle mind. So I keep myself busy with sensible stuff. I try to give maximum focus to my work without giving a chance for mediocrity to surface. A good book and some articles online are also sources of additional information. I also make myself available for some funny and interesting conversations with my special friends.

Having a peaceful soul, presentable appearance and healthy mind is a perfect combo for me to achieve happiness. I just have to remind myself of my SAM every time I feel my world is starting to welcome gloomy days.

My SAM saves my day. My SAM is all I have to make me go on. My SAM helps me welcome new days filled with challenges and criticisms.

With this, I have to make sure that My SAM is alive and fed with love.

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