Friday, November 13, 2009


More magnificent than the crescent
Above the fast cars at present
Body enhanced by silver
Radiance from ear to finger

Blue shades on the hair
Shirt revealed sexy flare
Pearly white teeth matched perfectly
With red tender lips so yummy

Talents as hot as the sun
Made me the number one fan
Poems stirred my tear gland
Meanings left me stunned

So special to my universe
In the crowd, you can’t disperse
Clueless as you may seem
Love granted my dream

Doubly happy when you are
Proud when you have gone far
Stabbed when you are sad
Scared when you become mad

Swallowed all my pride
Intense feelings I can’t hide
Wondering you may not believe
I am yours as long as I live


cathy said...

I'm a hopeless romantic...I've read some of your posts...i also love writing poems...nice composition..simple but direct to the point...

more blogging power to u...

i added your link...

Anonymous said...

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eNeS said...

Good poem my friend.

Oya, about undefined date, you can set it through Settings - Format - TimeStamp Format. Setting into the date, not time.

Rizky2009 said...

bagus banget pkawan

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