Monday, December 7, 2009


I'm less than ordinary
Knew it already
Accepted it fully
Can’t deny my destiny

Been through many parades
Received praises and accolades
Almost have crossed over
Got lucky to get over

Started living again
Though tired and uncertain
Found you in a paradise
The wolf howled in surprise

Got near despite the crowd
Saw you seated on a cloud
Poor heart bravely declared
Pure words were heard

Shook hands with rejection
Undeniable self imperfection
Snorkel in the ocean of tears
True love conquered my fears

Reality floods endlessly
Forever a servant to your royalty
Not part of your priority
A possibility for eternity

Always searching, always understanding
Sometimes hurting, never surrendering
Hoping to be deserving
Of your love worth dying


maibe said...

like this one

yessamin said...

i enjoyed reading your poems..keep it up

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