Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Experiential Metamorphosis

I had no tolerance for mediocrity and incompetence. When I started working, I had convinced myself that there is no other way but moving up. It seemed that my guiding star helped me reached my goals, perhaps, earlier than the average. I was happy. Walking the talk was my confidence booster.

I have been in the corporate world for quite some time already, as an HR practitioner. Luckily, I was able to work in companies in the fields of retail, manufacturing, rural banking, real estate and information technology. I got a closer glimpse of the fast paced business community. I met different kinds of people from the principled ones to the corporate animals.

This has expanded my knowledge and my skills as an advocate of the HR practice. This has also put me to a certain position I enjoyed for a period.

At a certain point, I got tired and de-motivated. I asked myself why. I got the plain answer that I was fed up of the perennial battles that I have to face as an HR person. I entertained the thought that I am too young for this. Or perhaps, I was insidiously becoming like the corporate animals I usually met in the corridors. And the process was just easy because of my personal system that is perfection centered.

There came a moment I never expected. It felt like I saw a rainbow in a midnight summer.

A supreme force led me to find RHRI. If I used logic that time, I should not have joined the team. However, there was something inside me that is telling me that I got to try it out. So I let spontaneity to consume my being.

From then, my professional life has changed when I became a part of my new family, the RHRI. The people around me and the people we are giving our service made me passionate about my scope. It changed a lot of my points of view about the corporate life. My work gave me the inspiration to raise the HR profession a notch higher that the common understanding of the industry. It exceeded beyond the newly found HR and industrial theories. I found a new spring of my lasting energy.

In short, RHRI made me go back to my real self – being excellence driven. I shared what I have learned and in return I got new set of learning I never learned in school. I have re-considered and re-accepted that this is not just a profession but a vocation. It is now a part of my life. I have to look beyond the meaning and the intention of the policies and program I am tasked to create.

Service to the world’s human resources is what it is all about.

In RHRI, I have realized that there is greatness in goodness. As part of the business community now in the field of HR outsourcing, I have set a principle that my goal is not just to be profitable but to be responsibly profitable and to share the fruits of hard work to the people. After all, we are not in my world or your world. We are in OUR small world.

RHRI made feel that the intangibles are really greater than the tangibles. I am aware though that I am imperfect even up to this time. However, my RHRI family made my self be anchored to the soil of values. This has helped me a lot in making a decision to stand up during moments that my heart is weak and my soul is confused. I thank God for it.

Like an eagle, I will continue to soar high. And RHRI will be the wind beneath my wings.


Malejandria said...

hi, am I missing something here? What is RHRI, if you don't mind me asking. You have great words, in fairness, but I miss that bit, I just assume it's an organization or a company but what sort of? It's gonna bog my head, so I'll check up with you from time to time to get answers. Linked you to mine actually.

Anonymous said...

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