Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eight Reasons

You let me discover my true self. Through you, I was able to appreciate more the uniqueness of myself. And you made me broaden my perspectives in dealing life’s realities.

You make me smile. Either you amuse me or you surprise me with your jokes, your words and your reactions. Those moments, I really like.

You define to me how it is to be special. Your simple ways and not-so-often sweet responses would always bring me to cloud nine. Those are the times I can say to myself, I can die now.

You taught me how to care selflessly. As long as I can, I will support you. With God, I am trying my best to serve you the best way I can. You deserve nothing but all my best interest and intention.

You inspire me. Just by thinking of you, my soul shouts in great jubilation. It automatically causes me to do my best. You made me realize that life has a great purpose. And that is to offer my love to you.

You make me very proud of you. Your talents are world class. I claim it to the whole world that I am the proudest person when you are expressing your talents. And I have the biggest smile knowing that your talents are being recognized by others.

You make my life colorful. Our shared moments are my priceless moments. When I am with you, I am not just walking. I am flying. Cupid must have hit me very hard!

You are my only love. I am giving my full trust and I am taking care of your trust too. Forever, I will always ask heaven to bless my heart so I can surround you with the only thing that I can give, that is my never-ending love.

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