Monday, November 21, 2011

Answered Prayer

I am not religious. I don’t hear mass as scheduled. I don’t pray the chain of beads as advised. I don’t read the Holy Scripture as it should be. But, I am well connected with my spirituality. When there is silence, I pray and worship my God.

Living my life is giving the excellence expected of me every moment. Though different from what the usual is, I managed to maintain high standards when it comes to the things I hook myself with while still appear cool and do the usual stuff that my generation mates do.

I then realized that life becomes a pattern of events. I just need the focus and the discipline it requires to get my goals. For some reasons, it made me unexcited. I know the formula. It made me feel that everything can be expected.

Until such time that I prayed to my God to let me kiss love on its right cheek, the unexpected happen.

I found you.

I have tried to use my logic and my analytical skill to make things simpler about my feelings for you. However, the more I do it the feelings I have for your get more intense. Your eyes, your lips, your arts, your unique self made me so full of love for you. There were times that I was shocked that I am so spontaneous that I can tell you without inhibition what I am feeling. And I also understand that there are moments you doubt what I told you. As what I said, I only have time to help me prove to you that my intentions are pure.

I am not a big deal. This is such a huge statement that my brain is telling me that my ego is hurt. However, I am surprised that I was and am not hurt at all. I asked why. My heart told me that when pure love is around, hurt will never surface. My heart expounded that the happiness I am feeling right now is because I have met love in its sincerest form. I began to understand why I don’t ask for anything else in return. It is now clear to me why I am ready to give bits of sacrifices for you my dove.

That it is okay for me not to be in your priority. And I will never demand for it because I know the situation that I am in.

All I know is me heart speaks of you almost every moment. My dreams are colored now with your presence. My energy is at its peak when I feel your attention. No doubt, I was fearless when I told you that I am content with your extra time. Nothing more.

The angel sent from heaven whispered to me that my God has answered my prayer. And that is you. No one else. And from this, the wheels of my life are turning back again making me inspired to continue to do my share as a member of the complex human system and to search for my purpose of living.

You are an answered prayer who led me to be out from the box and met the real person inside me. Your presence made me know what true love is and how do I love genuinely as a person.

Your beautiful and meaningful world gives me the fuel to love you endlessly. I am going to close my eyes now to pray that you and I will grow old in love.

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