Sunday, September 2, 2012

Online Tuition When It Suits You

Tutor Hub enables anybody to get help anytime anywhere. What makes their service good is because you can connect with their tutor using your PC and get all the attention you need at a cost of a fraction of what a learning establishment will cost you.

Just like what the title of the post says, online tuition when it suits you. This means you only play when you receive help. Unlike hiring real tutors to be with you side by side and paying them by a fixed rate, you get to save more through Tutor Hub.

The community is also a big help. Users help each other out by answering questions if they can. If you cannot find a good solution to your problem, then that is the time you can get help from the various private tutoring at Tutor Hub.

Any subject you need help with, there is bound to be a tutor available to help you out.

I also like their process work considering that having a transcript greatly helps in keeping track where you left off. You can come back to it for reference or revision. How cool is that?!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Through the distance of countless miles
I long for you and your cheery smiles

I look for you where the horizon lies
Hoping your gaze be seen in those tantric eyes

I'm wishing you would be here with me
Waiting for you to be in my arms and free

Why this endless space of torments pass
And this emptiness a void so vast

Can my touch reach you this far
Can this senseless kiss feel you near

Would this love be enough to keep us strong
And the world would be small and time not long

I want you here when you're far away
Wishing you're not there but here to stay

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In Denial

Denying the truth of being alone
Denying the reality of being down and troubled
Denying the fact that I was unhappy all this time
Denying the true feeling of incompleteness inside

Could not remember when and where this feeling start
Could not even remember how the emptiness feeling takes its part
I just woke up one day disturbed and in pain
Not knowing why and what its reason behind

Couldn't grasp the truth of what I truly want in this life
Couldn't even understand what I'm going through right now
Couldn't put my life's puzzle in the right track
And all I could do is to let myself from reality be whacked
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