Monday, September 16, 2013

Monitor Your Kids' Devices Using mSpy

The following is a sponsored review.

Considering that most people use smart phones and tablets these days, even more so kids it is just understandable from a parent's point of view that they be made aware of anything that their kids do in their devices.

It pays to be safe than sorry, right?

Here is where spyware comes in. No. Not everything associated with spyware is bad. I understand nowadays when people hear the word spyware, they think of it as something bad, intrusive and dangerous. However, it can only be bad, intrusive and dangerous depending on how it is used.

Don't you want your kids to be safe all the time? Installing spyware in their phones or tablets is a good way to monitor all their activities. They are your kids after all and no matter how often they say your protection is not needed, the truth is they do.

mSpy is a cell phone monitoring software that runs in invisible mode and works for parental control and employee monitoring. Your kids will not know there is an app running in the background monitoring their every Internet move.

From your end, you can access a special portal where you will be able to look at reports and all history of their activities.

Take full control of what is going on in your home, keep your children safe online and offline, instantly detect any harmful situation and put a stop to it. This app has state of the art features to help you protect your loved ones.

Some common features include listening to incoming and outgoing calls, set up a call recorder, run SMS tracking, read emails, perform GPS tracking of the target device, view photos and videos, block the target device, block access to websites and applications, restrict calls, see calendar events and contacts, read chat and IM conversations, track browsing history, view Skype and Whatsapp messages and many more.

You have total control on what you want to know in the target device.

This app is available is all mobile platforms which is pretty convenient as users will not have to be restricted being required to use the latest phones. Yes, even Symbian OS is supported ;).

A big advantage for using mSpy is that it does not use SMS commands which means that you will not run into extra costs for messages and you can be sure there would be no tracks in the phone's sent box.

Monday, July 22, 2013


The following is a sponsored review.

SleeveCo is one of the top shrink and stretch sleeve manufactures that creates wraps for bottles and containers for some of the nations top consumer good companies.

Their wraps create 360 degrees of real estate in which to brand their image and message on. They create labels for many of the products you buy at grocery stores and retailers across the country. And those products are pretty much well known brands themselves.

Shrink and stretch sleeves are one of the visually dynamic ways to deliver a brand's message. Believe me, they may look simple and all but the exposure results can be tremendous. Big things come in small packages, remember?

They also offer a full line of application equipment with an experienced technical support staff of engineers to provide service before, during and after the sale.

Their service and quality has garnered them numerous international awards, 4 to be exact from the IAPHC. With decades of experience and an in depth knowledge of the technical aspects of printing, they know how to consistently deliver maximum line screen counts, vibrant, photographic images and stand out from the competition quality on every project.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mobile Device Spy Monitoring

The following is a sponsored review.

How can a spyware monitoring app help you in your life with children and your business? Let's talk about your kids. You know how it is with them these days. Even at such a young age some already have smartphones. Maybe your kids do too?

Wouldn't you want to know what they do in those phones or tablets? Through a spyware app you can. Just because it is called spyware does not mean it is something negative.

Spyware does have its uses. It usually blends itself in the background like it is not there, sitting idly by looking at any activity and capturing it.

You can then view all those activities from a control panel that you access through the web. Every detail, every email, every data sent and passed you will be able to see.

That is how powerful spyware apps can be. This app is pretty easy to install just like any other app. The settings are fairly easy to understand in setting it up to run in the background all the time.

Now, with this app, you just sit back, relax and drop by the control panel once in awhile to snoop in and look at what your kids are doing using their mobile devices.

Check out for more details.
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